May 29, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge Results

Here's 30 days of cleaning eating by the numbers:
  • Weight: dropped 9.6 pounds
  • Inches: dropped .35 inches around my arms, .62 inches around my waist, and .75 inches around my hips
  • Exercising: exercised for over 1,000 minutes
  • Points: came in 3rd place overall, but my team won!

These numbers only tell one part of the story. As I proclaimed early on, I feel really great after every meal. Gone is the bring-on-nap-time, sluggish and kind of sad feeling I had after really indulgent meals. These were usually ones that contained a lot of grains. Now I feel energized after eating; that makes a lot more sense.

I also feel much more informed, but that's isn't something I can measure. I wrote throughout the challenge that there are some parts of paleo that are not for me. And that's okay. The major lesson learned over the past month is to make the better choice and eat real food. I'll probably never choose bread, but I will choose beans. I'll rarely choose white potatoes, but I will drink wine. I predict dark chocolate will satiate my sweet tooth in a way that only milk chocolate had in the past.

You've probably gathered that I really love my work and the people I do it with. Aside from being intelligent and talented, there's a spirit of constant improvement there that bleeds to all parts of our lives. I'm really grateful that folks at my school started this challenge and that we supported one another while doing.

To a lifetime of better choices!

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