May 2, 2014

Food as Reward - Whole 30 Challenge - Day 5

I have treated myself to an overpriced coffee drink after a long day of work and right before grad school because "I deserved it." After all, I have a demanding career--both professionally and emotionally--and I'm pursuing a second masters. I surely have "earned" a treat or two or six, right?

There's no doubt that I work hard and I'm not alone in my feeling of wanting to reward myself. However, what if the reward was not food-related? I want more time: more time to spend with my husband, my family, more time to read, more time for myself. I also want to try new kinds of exercise classes and indulge in something relaxing.

I doubt my body thinks I've earned the unnecessary calories of my favorite coffee drinks. Don't get me wrong, enjoying food is important to me and I will return to eating desserts after this challenge. Real desserts, not the ever present chocolate at work or the not-even-that-tasty random sweet treat from the corner store. I've already started to disassociate rewards with food. And for the sake of motivation, here are some rewards I'm thinking about for the end of this thirty days:

Aerial Yoga Glasses at Loom Yoga Center

J. Crew Bikini

Spa Day

I had three delicious meatballs for breakfast. For lunch, I ate last night's grilled turkey with roasted carrots and sauteed spinach and for dinner I had roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes. I probably wasn't that hungry because I had nuts and dried fruit for a late afternoon snack. I've been drinking a ton water and had a lemon zinger tea.

The kneeling back extension in this Advanced Core Workout is a lot harder than it looks.

Once my abs were on fire, I did this stretching routine and I could have stayed in each pose much longer.

I started reading It Stars with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig and got about seven and half hours of sleep. Close, but no points. Just in the first hundred pages, they tackle a lot, including how deeply connected people's emotions are with food.

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