May 7, 2014

No Excuses - Whole 30 Challenge - Day 10

Busy. The B word. I feel very busy right now, but I can't make any excuses when it comes to my health. No one is so busy that they can't make a better choice. Perhaps the best choice is out of reach when life is jam packed, but the better choice is always there.

I had my fourth and final serving of my mushroom and kale frittata for breakfast. For lunch, I had roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes. Snack consisted of many very tasty blueberries--the difference of eating something in season.

I'm a teacher and this is teacher appreciation week. My school had a masseur in and I had a wonderful massage in the middle of the school day. They also had Jamaba Juice delivered and I had about a third of a paleo juice: mango, peach, and strawberries. It was dairy free, but it was mega sweet.

My work buddy told me Chipotle was offering a buy one, get one free deal for teachers. This was perfect timing because I had grad school. I bought two salad bowls, knowing I could save the other for the next day. So, for dinner I had a steak salad bowl with pico de gallo and guacamole.

I know I write about bonus points a lot. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop. I got home from grad school, wiped from that and a regular work day, but rallied to workout. Where are my well-deserved bonus points!?

This workout is quick at just 23 minutes. Do it. Know that the first exercise was tough for me, but no excuses!

I stretched with Kelli and then again before bed.

Two points.

Prioritizing gratitude is such a great goal. I showered a family member with some gratitude over the phone.

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