May 20, 2014

New Workouts - Whole 30 Challenge - Day 23

Warning: There's a brief rant below.

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

I had strawberries and chia pudding for breakfast with green tea. I had an apple while unit planning and leftover chicken and vegetable soup for lunch. I brined a turkey breast and had that for dinner with green beans--which are a go on this challenge--and a baked sweet potato. Mr. Crying Cook had the devil's white potato.

I did two new workouts today. I did this Low Impact Lower Body and Core Tabata Routine. It wasn't challenging for me, so I won't be coming back to this. A routine certainly doesn't need to be primarily cardio for me to break a sweat. There are quite a few body weight workouts that give me a run for my money, but this one was just too far below my current fitness level.

I also did this Tracy Anderson Arm Series. I've done another Tracy Anderson arm workout because they're straightforward, but challenging. I also want to tone and strengthen my arms, but I don't like her messages. I hate the phrase "problem area." I don't have problem areas. No part of my healthy, fully-functioning body is a problem. Please get it straight. I'm not 100% confident 100% of the time, but my body is not a problem. She also wants to help us make our arms "teeny tiny." You're a grown woman. Please don't talk like that. Perpetuating the idea that healthy and beautiful means skinny makes things like the Dove campaign necessary.

Semi-related, listen to Daniel and Kelli from Fitness Blender rant about thigh gaps.

Two points.

Two points. I drank green tea, lemon zinger tea, and a lot of water.

I finished It Starts with Food. Here's the review.

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