May 15, 2014

Creating a Google Exercise Calendar - Whole 30 Challenge - Day 18

Another weird breakfast: baked salmon and spinach. It was delicious, even at 7am and I felt full until well after noon. I had a banana, a Lara bar, cashews, tea, and coffee with almond milk throughout the work day. I haven't been adding it to my posts, but I've also been drinking a lot of water.

Fresh Direct, the food delivery service in my area, forgot my pork chops in the last delivery. There was nothing to cook, so Mr. Crying Cook got us take out. I had blackened catfish and sweet potato fries for dinner; very satisfying.

I did a Fitness Blender workout that I'd never tried before because I wasn't pumped about the one scheduled on my exercise calendar. If you've read my posts on how obsessed I am with Evernote--like using it for menu planning, adding browser extensions to increase efficiency, e-mailing directly to Evernote, or that time I was featured on teaching a blog because I just heart Evernote so damn much--you won't be shocked to know I have a Google calendar with the workouts I'll do daily. I'm deeply invested in the Google ecosystem since it's my e-mail provider, I use Blogger, I have an Android phone, and it's just really good. Sure, they're watching everything I do, but that's another post for another time.

I have a calendar called professional and I use it to schedule all work- and grad school-related events. I have an app on my phone called SmartActions, which is an "If this, then that" logic app. If there is an event in my professional calendar, then my phone goes on silent and the background data is disabled. No embarrassing ringing phone or text alerts while in a meeting and no unnecessarily depleting battery.

I also share a calendar with my husband called Mr. & Mrs. Our Real Last Name. He's subscribed to it and we add all the things we need to do together. The events show up on his Google calendar too.

And then there's this exercise calendar, called just that. Each calendar can have its own rules, so this one sends me an e-mail reminder 10 minutes before the event and I can click on the YouTube link right from the e-mail. I usually workout using my iPad, but on early mornings if I left it in the bedroom and don't want to wake up my still slumbering husband, I use my phone or laptop.

For the workouts I really like, I create repeating events. They can repeat at many different intervals and expire after a certain number of events or on a specific day. This was not at all labor intense and just the geeky thing I like to do on a Sunday morning.

As another digression, I really like the two week view best on the calendar. One month is too much; I really don't need to see what happened on May 2nd on May 15th, but one week is not enough. To get the two week view, click on the gear and select settings. Scroll down to default view and select custom. Just below that, select two weeks on the drop down menu next to custom view. Voilà!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

This At Home HITT Training workout was posted to the Fitness Blender YouTube channel more than two years ago, so I don't know how I missed it. It was very challenging for me. I couldn't keep up with Kelli's double butt kickers. They were more like quadruple butt kickers, but that's where I am right now and I was exhausted after this 24 minute routine.

I listened to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on the iHeartRadio app while stretching. I've been listening to this show since the late 90s!

Two easy points.

I found a bit more success today looking at one object rather than having my eyes closed.

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