January 23, 2013

Organize Recipes with Evernote Clipper

You could use bookmarks to save the recipes you find online, but you can't access them unless you're on your computer. You could use Pinterest, but once I pin, I quickly forget what I saved, where, and I'm not in the habit of going back to check. I've never been someone to collect physical paper copies of recipes, so the solution for organizing recipes has to be a digital one for me.

I've confessed my love for all things tech and Evernote especially for menu planning in a previous post. I have a menu tag for day to day cooking organization, but I use a recipes tag as an archive and Evernote clipper helps me save my inspiration in about three clicks.

Evernote Clipper is a browser extension. It's available for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. An extension is like an app for your browser. The downloaded extension, or web app, literally adds a button to your browser, making common online tasks easier and faster.

When I come across a recipe I'd like to try, I click on the Evernote elephant and I get a new window.

Let's say I'm browsing online and come across this recipe [the source of the Wonder Bread].

I can click on the Evernote elephant and get a new window. I like the extension best on Chrome because it pre-populates some of the fields and it's usually accurate. This has given the title of the article as the suggested title of the note and correctly tagged it as recipes. Some of the extensions in other browsers don't have these options.

If you don't like the suggested title or if you want to add tags, you can do that all from this window. There's no copying and pasting into Evernote.

And that's it! I can open up Evernote on my desktop, Android, or iPad and the note is there. If you're even more organizationally savvy, you can use more specific tags like breakfast or slow cooker. Right now, I have all of my recipes in my main notebook, but I may need to create a separate cooking notebook.

Happy clipping!


  1. This is what I do! I have made a separate notebook called cookbook. I then try to tag my recipes. I have the following tags: dinner, breakfast, dessert, bread, pasta, etc. Have you tried evernote clearly? I've found it useful for cleaning up webpages before clipping.

    1. I use Evernote Clearly too! We should become spokespeople! Clearly is excellent for reading just about anything online, especially blogs.

  2. I was going to suggest using Clearly as well for the same reason of cleaning up the page. And sometimes Evernote Clipper seems to want to grab the wrong thing.

    Glad to see other like-minded people using Evernote for recipes. I think it's one of the best alternatives out there!

  3. Thank you so much for this info! I've just installed Clearly and it so so helpful