August 5, 2014

1,500 Minute Challenge - Results

It took me 32 days, but I finished my 1,500 minute challenge! I prioritized exercise and noticed some significant changes:
  • My recovery time is much faster. While high intensity routines are still challenging--as they should be--I need fewer breaks and I can maintain constant movement during the active rest breaks. At the end of a full body routine, I still had energy to do a short strength-building set.
  • I missed working out! It took me 32 days because there were some days I couldn't fit it in and when that happened my body noticed. I craved the movement.
  • Working out is not a chore! This is about mindset and proves a lot of the habit-making theories. I'm now one of those people who likes to workout out! The Whole 30 Challenge helped, especially the group support and accountability, and this solo challenge has solidified the habits.
  • My metabolism has improved. After a week-long trip to Argentina where Mr. Crying Cook and I indulged in excellent wines, a lot of fried empanadas, and even more steaks, I'm still feeling great. Yes, the siestas helped along with the average 5 miles walking around Buenos Aires every day, but it's the fact that my body knows a new normal now. Can I also brag that we worked out on vacation too!? I just did!

Delicious Empanadas de Lomo

Unrelated, the blog hit a bit of hiccup last month when I went on a digital cleaning spree which resulted in my accidentally deleting all the blog's photos. I was able to restore them, but please leave me a comment if you find a post with a broken image or link.