July 3, 2014

1,500 Minute Challenge - Day 15

It's the half way point through my solo challenge and there are so many workouts I look forward to and there are some I dread. I don't ever want to dread a workout and I had an epiphany: I don't have to do workouts I hate. I am trying to differentiate between ones that are just really challenging from those that make me feel frustrated. I want these 1,500 minutes to make me feel motivated to workout in some way every single day, so reflecting on the differences is so important.

Here are two moves that challenge me:

My form on toe touch crunches needs a lot of improvement.

My split leg downward dog creates about a 45 degree angle.

When I bought running sneakers, the super-smart-sounding sales associates told me my tight hips probably caused my feet to roll inward. I wonder if those tight hips makes these moves hard for me. I just have to keep practicing. Stay tuned.