May 8, 2014

Appreciation - Whole 30 Challenge - Day 11

Teacher appreciation week keeps getting better and better! Not because today we had a cafe with coffee to order, paleo cookies, sugary treats [not for me, but others]. Not because we went to a Soul Cycle class or because today is my work buddy's birthday. Teacher appreciation week keeps getting better because I'm appreciating my fellow teachers even more.

As the normally busy day wound down, a few of us met in a conference room to head to our school-sponsored spinning class. I've been spinning before, but never to this particular chain. It was an incredible time because I went with these incredible people.

My school is atypical. We work longer, harder, and more seriously than most. I know because I've been around the block with public education. My colleagues are fiercely intelligent and dedicated. They are all just good people. In case you needed a reminder of why I'm a crying cook, I'm getting a bit emotional writing about these people I feel honored to work with and who make me happy to show up and give it all I have.

Selfie with my
Gorgeous Buddy

I had my Chipotle teacher appreciation deal for breakfast: a beef salad. Whoa, that kept me full all day long.

There were so many treats in the cafe my school organized: cannoli dip [hello, actual dip made of the cannoli filling], danishes, brownies, you name it. A dedicated paelo-enthusiast made chocolate and coconut paleo cookies that were so good. I am really impressed with myself that I only ate one.

Later in the day, a huge fruit basket showed up in our cafe [by the way, the cafe is usually the PE room] and I made this delicious lunchtime snack.

I had a banana before our spinning class and then made a pretty tremendous dinner, if I do say so myself: steak, mushrooms, and Brussels sprouts with bacon.

Alright, I am sad to report that I lost one nutrition point today. I confessed to my teammate by the copy machines. I had a latte with almond milk and a tablespoon of sugar. Now, if you know me, you realize this is comparatively less than the amount of sugar I usually put in my coffee. I took the one point hit and enjoyed every sip of that latte. And here's the breaking news: that was enough sweetness for me to enjoy the drink. This seems to be another excellent consequence of the challenge; I may have recalibrated my need for sweet tastes.

My experience at Soul Cycle fell in line with those before: a really energetic teacher, loud, good music, and upper body moves that really test my coordination. What Soul Cycle really has going for it is super clean facilities and friendly folks behind the counter. Still, I can't pay $34 for one class.

I was really tested as a student because I was trying to distract my friend with my loudly obnoxious singing, but she was too in the zone. My favorites were oldies that took me right back to middle school--two very different ends of musical tastes from the 90s.

My legs were SCREAMING at the beginning of the spin class. I stretched for 10 minutes before bed and could have probably used another 20.

I almost forget to add this everyday because it's a non-issue.

I think this post qualifies. I love you, Lions!

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