May 1, 2014

Poor Planning - Whole 30 Challenge - Day 4

As you know, I had my grad school class last night. Not only did I not get my eight hours of sleep, but I also didn't cook anything for dinner. There are very few good food options around where I work, so nearly every lunch I have as work is made up of the previous night's dinner.

I was worried this morning. I headed to work without my super cool lunch bag filled with healthy foods. I figured I'd order something and be annoyed at myself for not planning better. When I started talking about this, my lovely friends shared all their paleo goodness. Every single thing I ate during the work day was because of my awesome friends. Yeah, I sort of felt like a charity case, but I will return the favor tomorrow.

I ate my buddy's JS's Lara bar and PK's chicken breast for breakfast. I ate AM's spaghetti squash with rich meat sauce for lunch--so good! NB provided snack: roasted sweet potato and Brussel sprouts. I got my act together for dinner [I actually made two dinners] and ate grilled turkey breast, roasted carrots, and sauteed spinach.

One of My Great Work Buddies

I did this quick and challenging HIIT workout: HIIT Workout for Fat Loss

Side Winder Mountain Climbers = Brutal

I stretched right after my workout.

This will clearly be the easiest two points of the challenge.

I got my full eight hours and I'm feeling great today!

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