May 10, 2014

I ate bread! Gasp! - Whole 30 Challenge - Day 13

Today was not a perfect point day, but the world kept spinning. Teacher appreciation week came to an end and it was tremendous. We were showered with gratitude through A LOT of food, but I honored the challenge consistently. Well, at least I did until today.

The culmination of our week was at a bar and we were treated to food and drink. I lost points for the first time by ordering wine [not really worth it], empanadas and fried calamari [worth it], and a grilled chicken sandwich [the bread wasn't worth the point].

So, I've learned my need for sugar has been considerably curbed. I would have predicted that bread would have felt more like a sacrifice, but it isn't. When I'm prepared with my own food, I don't feel tempted by other offerings.

I had more of my paleo granola with almond milk for breakfast and turkey tacos without the shell or cheese for lunch. See above to understand why I lost three points.

I have not been this consistent with exercising since my high school cheerleading days and my muscles are making me very aware of it. This routine was definitely needed.

I think my workout counts here too.

One point.

I wrote another note to friends. I have nice stationery, but if money was no object, I'd like hand engraved stationery from Cranes.

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