May 6, 2014

Jury Duty - Whole 30 Challenge - Day 9

I didn't have to go to these lengths, but after sitting in a massive room with hundreds of other inconvenienced Brooklynites, I was dismissed. I'm off the hook for 8 years.

I had the mushroom and kale frittata for breakfast; leftover from yesterday's dinner. Since I had an hour and fifteen minute lunch break, I did some walking around downtown Brooklyn. I got on line at Starbucks because I had a $10 gift card, but there was nothing there I could eat. All the food options had cheese or some sort of grain. I ended up with an enormous salad of grilled chicken, mixed greens, beets, avocado, and bacon. I ate half for lunch and half for dinner.

Disclaimer: What follows is anything but cute.

I snacked on another Lara bar because they're mostly dates and they're sweet. They have two to three ingredients and, again, quite tasty. After having one on two consecutive dates, I felt a bit bloated at the end of the day. I realized they have quite a bit of natural sugar, but even so, this is a lot more natural sugar than I've had since the zeros days and the last nine days of the challenge. Up until now, I've had sugar in the form of fruit and dried cranberries. No more Lara bars for the next several days and I'll see how I feel.

Do this at your own risk: 45 Minute HIIT & Total Body Toning Tabata Workout. It was incredible. Again, I think I should get at least, at least, 300 bonus points for getting this workout done with no pauses and no cheating. Who do I talk to about my bonus point concerns?

I did this pretty lame 10 Minute Yoga/Hip Stretch routine. It was about 4 minutes of talking. Not everything on the YouTube is Fitness Blender quality. I did my own stretching after.

This week, we're focused on gratitude. We can show our gratitude in any form, it just has to be front of mind. While I was sitting in the jury room, I had lots of opportunities to show my operations team a ton of gratitude, as the hustled to help me get connected to the internet and get some work done.

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