May 22, 2014

Quick Post - Whole 30 Challenge - Day 25

I had more paleo granola with almond milk for breakfast. I really love this stuff. I had leftovers for lunch: roasted turkey breast, green beans, and a baked sweet potato. It smelled like Thanksgiving. I had sausage in a homemade tomato sauce over zucchini. I made this for my dad and stepmother on Mother's Day. There's no pretending the zucchini is pasta, but that's another group of foods I don't miss.

I did this HIIT workout and my legs... my poor, tired legs.

I got it done right after laying on the floor for five minutes.

Two points.

I'm finishing My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor. My dad asked me to read it months ago and I can see why. Her immigrant-from-Puerto-Rico-landing-in-New-York story feels the same to the ones I've heard from my own family.

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