May 21, 2014

Beautiful Run - Whole 30 Challenge - Day 24

I ate paleo granola with almond milk for breakfast, shrimp and broccoli for lunch, and chicken vegetable soup for dinner. It was a day of leftovers, but they were all really delicious. I also ate a banana and a coconut Larabar as a snack. Good eats today.

My Beautiful Brooklyn Neighborhood

I ran 3 miles, interval style. I do 10 minutes steady, 2 minutes fast, 5 minutes steady, 2 minutes fast, and then continue in 2 minute intervals. There are times when I'm running the fast interval and I'm sure I'm about to break an Olympic record or near a 6 minute mile. It's more like 8:40, but it feels great.

The run felt wonderful and I wasn't feeling very motivated when I came home from work. I never regret a run, but today was a long and busy work day.

I used Rock My Run again and jammed out to a Katy Perry remix. Out of breath on my stoop, I looked at my data from Run Keeper from the last year. I ran my 8th fastest overall time today.


Post-run stretches are so, so good. I hung out in butterfly for a while.

I had green tea and a lot of water.

I read the newspaper on a weeknight. My brain thought it was a Saturday morning. This article points out what nearly everyone in education knows: America does not have the best teachers. Tomorrow, I need to read something lighter before bed.

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