May 4, 2014

Rest Day - Whole 30 Challenge - Day 6

Today was the first day in quite a few that I tallied less than 11 points. I chose hanging with my husband and relaxing after a long work week over working out and I'm fine with that.

I had two hard boils eggs and a banana for breakfast; not delicious but fine. For lunch, I had my leftover roasted veggies; not delicious but fine. For dinner part one, I had a salad from a new spot near the office: an overpriced beets, walnut, and [gasp!] goat cheese salad. I didn't read closely enough and, even though it was barely four dollops, I lost a point. And it wasn't even that delicious. Mr. Crying Cook and I went out for dinner and I had ribs and collard greens; the best eats of the day.

After a longer than usual work day, I needed a meal out, so the workout didn't happen.

I stretched before bed.

Two points easy.

A two points loss.

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