April 30, 2014

Sans Pain Pour Le Dîner - Whole 30 Challenge - Day 3

I had my grad school class tonight. On normal days when I'm not eating like a cavewoman, I have either an Amy's frozen burrito or Chipotle right before class. The latter was out of the question because I doubt I'd enjoy a burrito bowl with no rice, beans, or cheese. I chose Au Bon Pain instead and was immediately assaulted by the smell of delicious bread. Obviously, it was everywhere: baguettes and croissants and muffins and every flour-based morning treat you can think of. I walked around, admiring what I couldn't have, but flinched at the calorie counts [Thank you, Mr. Bloomberg]. Even outside of this competition, eating 520 muffin calories is insane. I did linger by the cupcakes, but my class's start time was approaching and I had to make a choice. Salad. Perhaps cavewomen didn't have access to dried cranberries, but they were surprisingly sweet and exactly what I needed after many repeated meals.

I had more beef hash for breakfast, my leftover fish stew for lunch, a handful of almonds and an apple for snack, and a spinach, chicken, walnut and cranberry salad from Au Bon Pain for dinner. I drank a lot of tea today: lemon zinger, french vanilla, and chamomile.

If I work out before work, I should earn 4,000 points at a minimum. Since it was an especially long day with my class, I set an alarm earlier than my normally obscenely early wake up time and did this Butt and Thigh Workout. Wall sits are cruel and unusual, but today I earned 4,002 workout points!

I did my ten minutes of stretching before bed again.

2 points!

I got home at around 8:30, so I would have had to go to sleep about half an hour after walking through the door. It didn't happen.

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