May 28, 2013

E-mailing to Evernote for Menu Planning and Kitchen Organization

Evernote is great for organizing recipes and menu planning. Another way to use the ubiquitous tech tool is straight from your e-mail account.

Every Evernote account comes along with a unique Evernote e-mail address. 

Go into your Evernote desktop client. Select the help menu and then Go to My Account Page.

This will open an internet browser window. Look at the Email Notes to section and you'll see your unique Evenote e-mail address. It will be some iteration of your username

Now when you get something interesting in your e-mail inbox, you're just a few clicks from sending it to your Evernote account.

My cousin sent me an e-mail for Arroz con Pollo, Puerto Rican chicken and rice. I wanted to save this recipe and I knew I wanted to blog about it.

Save the unique Evernote e-mail address in your contacts so you don't need to memorize it. I saved it as Evernote Account. When I start typing Evernote, the address autofills from my contacts.

You'll want to edit the subject line to make sure that the contents of the e-mail [which will become the body of the note] end up exactly where you want them to.

The title of this note will be Arroz con Pollo. Use that @ symbol to dictate what notebook the e-mail will end up in. This note is going to the cooking notebook. The # symbol stands for tags when you're e-mailing into your Evernote account, so this note will be tagged chicken, rice, and dinner.

Happy organization!

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