June 18, 2014

1,500 Minute Exercise Challenge Take Two

At the start of the month, I set out to exercise for 1,500 minutes. Then, reality struck. I had to press pause and focus on work and grad school. Fortunately, I'm over a big hump with a truly gargantuan amount of work, so I'm trying again.

The summer semester isn't over, neither is my teaching school year. Still, I'm ready to try again. Falling off completely made me feel pre-Whole 30 sluggish and added to my stress. I hope getting back to regular exercise even in the midst of more moderately busy schedule will help with that.

I worked out for 57 minutes today--cardio and yoga. It felt great to focus that time on my body. I'm thankful my body is fully functional and capable of so much more than I'm doing now.

1,443 minutes to go.

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