June 7, 2014

137 Minutes Short

Ouch. Week one of my 1,500 Minute Exercise Challenge is in the books and I'm looking at a deficit. To meet the goal, I have to hit an average of 50 minutes per day, or 350 per week. There were two days this week when I put up goose eggs for getting in any kind of movement. The end of the academic year has only been ramping up, so I'll need to take some serious action to close this gap.

The moral here: Don't Give Up! I'm still aiming for the 1,500 minute mark. I'm just going to have to get more crafty.

Yoga with Adriene

There were many positives this week on the exercise front. I got in a total of 213 minutes and 57 seconds. That included a 3.61 mile run, this awesome arms super set that I'll be adding to my rotation, one HIIT routine, and three short yoga routines.

I subscribed to a new YouTube Channel: Yoga with Adriene. While I have only done two of her workouts so far, I really liked them and she has a ton! So, to make up for the missed minutes in week one, I'm going to prioritize yoga everyday. I'm also going to take advantage of this beautiful spring weekend in Brooklyn and walk a lot. I'll be easy on myself because I'm doing the best I can. Sometimes that's easier said than done.

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