December 28, 2012

Gifts for the Kitchen

I had never heard of Timothy Ferriss until Christmas morning. One of my gifts from my husband was Ferriss' book, The Four Hour Chef. I'm making my way through it quickly because it's well written and applies to so much more than getting good in the kitchen. Ferriss has created a successful business by tackling new things to mastery in very short time frames. He learned Japanese, Mandarin, German, and Spanish, won a gold medal in Chinese kickboxing, and is teaching me a new way to think about cooking. I love this gift.

I also have a new accessory from my wonderful friend, Nicole. We had a Secret Santa at work and the super supportive folks there have been reading the blog and, to my astonishment, trying the recipes! Nicole bought and jazzed up this apron. It's almost too pretty to dirty, but that's the point! Guess who had to quickly leave the room because the tears were coming.

To making messes in the kitchen in 2013!